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Breast Cancer - Updates on new technologies, cures and prevention methods

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day by day , this disease named "Cancer" is becoming more and more nightmare for all of all ages. Everyone wants to prevent it by all means. Getting it in a lifetime is like handling a ghost in house. Nobody wants this ghost in their lives. True and there has to be some ways that can prevent it effectively. After all it is a foreigner, isn't it? 

There are new and fresh techniques that are tested and proved to be effective in prevention of breast cancer by scientists. In my earlier posts, I have shared some information to my visitors with latest news like, blood tests to predict and prevent breast cancer occurrence and recurrence, genetic tests that determine BC, 101 ways to prevent BC, recipes for breast cancer patients, etc. 

Getting detected earlier is the most important step in treating breast cancer or any other cancer. Because, early detection means good treatment and less suffering, as compared to other stages of breast cancer. One who has been detected in stage 1 or 2 are lucky in that matter as their survival rates are more. 

Recently it has been found out that, like blood tests for eg: ICH4 test and Cellsearch test, which are capable to predict the cancer whether it is occurring or recurring. Similarly, there is one more test called as "Saliva test" that can predict the occurrence of breast cancer. 

Now what is Saliva test? It is a way of testing the hormones , its status and its balance in the body. On the basis of this test , one can predict the occurrence of breast cancer.It a is also called as "Saliva Hormone testing"

Vitamin D and mineral iodine, are the main and key ones in our body that play an important roles in maintaining the breast health. If anyone of them loses its balance, then there is a possibility of getting high risk of breast cancer

Other hormones like Estrogen and Progesterone, also go hand in hand with the maintenance of breast health. Estrogen is a hormone which takes care of cell growth and Progesterone is a protective hormone. In our body, there is a wear and tear or cells and tissues constantly in progress. If in that , new tissues are formed then the old ones and dead ones has to be shed down from the body to replace the new ones. If this doesn't happen then there is a possibility that the dead ones may make a house in the body which then turn out to be unwanted cell growth and then take the form of tumor

The lymph nodes play an active part in shedding the lymphatic fluid from the breasts. If they don't do this , then again like above the unwanted fluid form a tumor.

While doing this Saliva test, there is a need to inform your family doctor for Comprehensive Plus Panel Saliva Kit. 

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