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Breast Cancer - Updates on new technologies, cures and prevention methods

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Have heard of ROBOTS? Well,a robot is a mechanical or virtual guided by a computer program to perform certain actions. The future is Robotics. 

There is a news updates regarding the treatment , cure and diagnosis of breast cancer. Even before an oncologist diagnose a patient with breast cancer, the robot will (if guided) will sense the cancer cells in the human body.

A Robotic Hand, called as Med Sensation glove, is said to detect abnormal breast cancers lumps to the enlarged ones. It is a type of glove that has sensors which can detect vibrations, sound, and temperature. It has an accelerometer with a buzzer system that will buzz on if examined on the area.  Also it can detect the exact size of the lump and where the lump is located. This can be done even before opting for mammograms or MRI. 

A sports bra: Other than that earlier in 2012, it was updated with a high tech garment which actually looks like a sports bra, known as "First Warning System". According to the makers, it is a first warning technology that allows a patient to wear simply a sports bra that contains sensors for early warning of breast cancer. A true way to prevent breast cancer, in a way. The screenings of FWS are accurate, accessible and affordable.
 In an article recently , by Stephen Webster, also suggests this new change and new technology that detect breast cancer. "Smart Bra" to detect breast cancer.

Now A ROBOT: DNA robots are in news that can detect and cure breast cancer or any type of cancer. The DNA nano-robots is the correct name that can do so. DNA is known to us. It is a part which makes us all who we are.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

As the technology goes more advanced, the latest updates are like developing mobile applications                (Smartphone/ Android / iPad) to detect the breast cancer in the early stages or prevention of the breast cancer treatment. 

You just have to download it and get the apps on your Android or Smartphone or iPad. It is as simple as that. You may not be aware about the facts of using the apps that are related for breast cancer!!!! What is breast cancer to do with the apps?

Well, today all use the Smartphones and Android. Now the health is in your pocket. As they say, "Health is Wealth". Means, now you are more wealthy than earlier as you can get the mobile apps for your betterment of health. 

There are many apps available in the market. But here I have listed some important and most useful ones for you. If you want to detect the breast cancer in the early stages if there is a pattern of breast cancer in your family which is due to hereditary and genetic mutations, you should be aware of this early and can detect early and can prevent the treatment by taking proper medications. 

Listed below are 5 best mobile apps for preventing the breast cancer: 

  • Breast Cancer Mini report : (For Android): This app is specially designed for women who want to eliminate breast cancer or prevent it from happening. To get this app, you should have an Android and is free for Android users. Its size is 1.2 MB.  

  • BSE aware mobile app:  This app is free and is currently under development. This will help to provide women with the information on breast self examination. The proper techniques of breast self exam, send reminders via text or email. This app is available from iTunes

  • Breast Cancer 411: This app is specially designed for iPad users. It provides information on latest news from the medical history related to breast cancer research. This app also allows to share on the Facebook and Tweet the current research on breast cancer. To install this app, you need iOS 4.2 or the later. 

  • Breast Cancer care app: This app developed by Nutrition networks, is designed for women who want to prevent breast cancer. It uses location based GPS to inform the nearest National cancer institute.  This app provides online help on breast self exams, awareness, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, etc. recently has launched their new app called "Breast cancer diagnostic guide" app which will be compatible only on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This app can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play.  The app will guide the breast cancer patients through the diagnostic tests and the different types of stages . Also the blood test report will be shown. To know more about this app , visit here.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Circle of Support app for Metastatic Breast Cancer patients.

In the news section recently updated was launch of a new Facebook app that can support a group of patients suffering from Metastatic breast cancer

What is Metastatic Breast Cancer? It is a stage in which the cancer has spread to the distant metastases. It is also called as Stage IV breast cancer. The most common sites for metastasis are the lung, liver, bones and brain. 

Now talking about the face-book app, recently I have read somewhere regarding launching of the new face-book app that can really make wonders. Its main intention is to support the patients who are suffering from Metastatic breast cancer from many days. The app is named as "Circle of Support". 

The Circle of support app , allows to share their struggles and also get some quality support from other friends. 

What else you can do with this app? Well, a person who is already been diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) can choose Facebook friends who they like to join or share thoughts with. It is nothing but a type of support network. Other than sharing, he/she can choose suggested support activity like weekly phone calls, dinner , picnic, outings, movies, etc. 

More information on Facebook apps- visit :