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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Women who are diagnosed and women who are not diagnosed with the killer disease, called "Breast cancer", for all , I have some important and useful tips or you can call it as tricks which may help you to lie life cancer-free. 

How does it feel to listen this word, "Cancer - Free"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life has many steps and each step that we go ahead is unknown. Pretty true that it is unpredictable. Many don't have the symptoms of cancer and yet they are been diagnosed with it. Some think that "cancer leads to death". No. it is not like that. Actually, according to me, God has given you another opportunity to stay healthy and be fit. Physical fitness is the most important factor that really matters for these diseases. If you are not physically fit, then nothing can be achieved. 

There are many techniques that will help you overcome all the hurdles for living life cancer free. 

As it is always said that "Health is in your hands"....

Firstly, being aware of is the most important factor. If you are aware of breast cancer or any type of cancer, then you are half avoided. If you want to do it full, then getting the right information is meaningful. 

Eradicating the fear of death also plays the unique role in treating any breast cancer patient. The patient always feels that she will die due to cancer even after getting chemotherapy or radiation. Emotional positiveness and no stress are the key factors. 

Know the symptoms, get aware of them as early as possible, get a perfect doctor if you find any lump, get it treated, etc. Your positiveness, carefulness, eager to get treated, eager to live life positively, knowledge of cancer treatments, sharing your experiences with others, all will make the doctors and your near and dear ones help in the event of your treatment. 
Help others to help you. 

If your family history has cancer, then you have to be doubly careful for yourself. Just like Diabetes, cancer genes cause cancer. The genes includes BRCA1 and BRCA2.

Coming to the treatment side, there are two  to three types. Chemotherapy, Radiation , Hormone Replacement Therapy, and sometimes surgery is also involved. 

There is one more dangerous aspect that everyone ignores, and that is the use of cell phones. Well some have doubts regarding the cause of breast cancer due to cell phones. There are some rays emitted due to which the breast tissues get affected and due to this the tumor is formed. So, it is harmful to use cell phones or put it in these words, that do not use the cell phones near the breasts. 

Share your experiences to help others and spread the word of awareness among people.