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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hey ! All the breast cancer survivors, come , share and spread this post which is very helpful for the breast cancer patients. Also it is good for preventing the breast cancer. Believe me. 

As you all know , that the main cause of breast cancer is yet unknown to the researchers and doctors, in that case, the prevention and treatment are like the foundation and the only pillars for the breast cancer patients wherein they can trust. 

Treatments that are involved are chemotherapy and radiation. In some cases it is surgery, mastectomy, breast conserving surgery, etc. The treatment is like hell that every breast cancer patient has to go through. 

So, I feel like to help others who are not diagnosed with this deadly disease, to prevent . Also the breast cancer survivors who have gone through the treatment can go through these recipes. 

The recipes for breast cancer patients are as follows: 

1. Baked Beets:   Beets are a good source of vitamins that the body wants. To get this recipe click here:

Baked Beets

2. Pepper and Tomato saladThe pepper, garlic and tomato is the good combination for getting loads of energy in your body.

The recipe here.  Click Here


3. Cancer Fighting Diet: Selenium, Vanadium, Zinc are the cancer fighting agents. More information click here:

To prevent breast cancer , you can use raw onions daily which lowers the risk of breast cancer upto 50-60% as per the researchers.  More information here: Eat Raw onions to prevent breast cancer

Turkey tail mushroom used to enhance the immune system in breast cancer patients.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Every woman is aware of raw onions. We use the onions in our day to day dishes while preparing.

There are many benefits from onions. But some don't actually know the fact that it can cure breast cancer even!!!!  Strange!!! Anti - cancer agent found in onions.

The medicine is found at home and no where we have to ponder for it. It has to be eaten raw to get the full benefits of onions. 

Raw onions

What does raw onions have?

Raw onions have sulphur compounds and the vitamins that if it is consumed raw then it is more beneficial. It is said to be beneficial for :
  1. Heart problems
  2. Cholesterol problems
  3. Good for diabetes
  4. Good for treating anemia
  5. Stops growth of cancer cells
  6. A very good remedy for constipation
  7. Good for treating bleeding nose
  8. Prevent coronary heart disease
  9. Useful for Urinary tract infections
  10. Fight stomach cancer
  11. Hair loss problems
  12. Useful in treating Osteoporosis
  13. Blood cleansing

A study of women in Mexico City found that consuming more than one slice of onion per day was associated with reduced risk of breast cancer. Also reveals the fact that consumption of garlic and raw onions per day is beneficial in prevention of breast cancer.

Now do you think that all onions are of medicinal properties? Its a "NO". Because they are not organically grown. You have to choose and buy those onions that are organically grown. Eat organic, Eat raw.

 Onion juice therapy for cancer treatment:

A medium sized cut onion mixed with 1-2 cloves of garlic. Prepare the juice in the juicer and drink it daily for 40 days.

Free e-book on prevention of breast cancer .