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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hey ! All the breast cancer survivors, come , share and spread this post which is very helpful for the breast cancer patients. Also it is good for preventing the breast cancer. Believe me. 

As you all know , that the main cause of breast cancer is yet unknown to the researchers and doctors, in that case, the prevention and treatment are like the foundation and the only pillars for the breast cancer patients wherein they can trust. 

Treatments that are involved are chemotherapy and radiation. In some cases it is surgery, mastectomy, breast conserving surgery, etc. The treatment is like hell that every breast cancer patient has to go through. 

So, I feel like to help others who are not diagnosed with this deadly disease, to prevent . Also the breast cancer survivors who have gone through the treatment can go through these recipes. 

The recipes for breast cancer patients are as follows: 

1. Baked Beets:   Beets are a good source of vitamins that the body wants. To get this recipe click here:

Baked Beets

2. Pepper and Tomato saladThe pepper, garlic and tomato is the good combination for getting loads of energy in your body.

The recipe here.  Click Here


3. Cancer Fighting Diet: Selenium, Vanadium, Zinc are the cancer fighting agents. More information click here:

To prevent breast cancer , you can use raw onions daily which lowers the risk of breast cancer upto 50-60% as per the researchers.  More information here: Eat Raw onions to prevent breast cancer

Turkey tail mushroom used to enhance the immune system in breast cancer patients.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Every woman is aware of raw onions. We use the onions in our day to day dishes while preparing.

There are many benefits from onions. But some don't actually know the fact that it can cure breast cancer even!!!!  Strange!!! Anti - cancer agent found in onions.

The medicine is found at home and no where we have to ponder for it. It has to be eaten raw to get the full benefits of onions. 

Raw onions

What does raw onions have?

Raw onions have sulphur compounds and the vitamins that if it is consumed raw then it is more beneficial. It is said to be beneficial for :
  1. Heart problems
  2. Cholesterol problems
  3. Good for diabetes
  4. Good for treating anemia
  5. Stops growth of cancer cells
  6. A very good remedy for constipation
  7. Good for treating bleeding nose
  8. Prevent coronary heart disease
  9. Useful for Urinary tract infections
  10. Fight stomach cancer
  11. Hair loss problems
  12. Useful in treating Osteoporosis
  13. Blood cleansing

A study of women in Mexico City found that consuming more than one slice of onion per day was associated with reduced risk of breast cancer. Also reveals the fact that consumption of garlic and raw onions per day is beneficial in prevention of breast cancer.

Now do you think that all onions are of medicinal properties? Its a "NO". Because they are not organically grown. You have to choose and buy those onions that are organically grown. Eat organic, Eat raw.

 Onion juice therapy for cancer treatment:

A medium sized cut onion mixed with 1-2 cloves of garlic. Prepare the juice in the juicer and drink it daily for 40 days.

Free e-book on prevention of breast cancer .


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chemotherapy is a treatment method that involves the medication through the veins. There is a difficluty to get the veins for a fat patient than the thin patient if compared.

The Chemotherapy drugs are of greater effect on the body.

There are some tips for a patient to know if your doctor doesn't inform you.

These tips are experienced by my known family members and those have stated their problems to me. So I thought of putting it together and spread the awareness of the chemotherapy facts which are unknown to many women who have diagnosed with the breast cancer.

Your Link Here:           SOME CHEMOTHERAPY FACTS

Allyn Rose - an American beauty pageant titleholder, who won the Miss District Columbia in 2012. She is one of the contestants in the popular Miss America pageant which is going to be held in 2013.

She is in the news recently for opting for the life over beauty. She has decided to undergo double mastectomy and then breast re-construction. There is a reason behind this great decision. The reason behind is the hereditary factors that are related to causing the breast cancer, lump in the breasts and she thinks that the women in her family have inherited the genetic mutation of breast cancer. When she was just 16 years old, her mother died of breast cancer.

She says that her mother died of breast cancer when Allyn was just 16 years old and her mother was 27 years old and in fact all women in her family are suffered from breast cancer. She has decided to go through the double mastectomy and then breast reconstruction after she wins the pageant of Miss America. 

Allyn wants to save her life and also the coming generations in her family in a way to reduce the factors of breast cancer risk which are passed on from one generation to other through the genetic mutations. As yet she has not been diagnosed of breast cancer, she wants to get her life saved . 


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wilma Miller - a retired female from California, says-----------

" Early detection - found a lump of a pea on a mammogram, doctor then stated lumpectomy, radiation, medication. Prayers of friends, doctors, and positive attitude played a part in my recovery which was 7 years later"

More about her:

Great women are really very difficult to find. I just went through some of the experiences and thoughts of breast cancer survivors. I felt really very much proud about them .

Sheryl Crow, an American singer-songwriter, musician, multi-instrumentalist, performer, record producer, actress, etc, shares her top healthy foods that she depended on during her cancer treatment.  In this link you will get the details of Sheryl Crow.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Over 100 breast cancer celebrity survivors

  1. Agnes Chan, Asian singer and performer
  2. Alexandra Bastedo, British model and actress
  3. Allyce Beasley, American actress
  4. Amanda Mealing, British television and soap opera actress
  5. Anastacia, American popular singer
  6. Andrea Mitchell
  7. Anita Doth, Eurodance singer from the Dutch duo 2 Unlimited
  8. Ann Jillian, American film, television and musical theatre actress
  9. Ann Veneman, former head of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
  10. Barbara Allen, American politician, Kansas state senator
  11. Barbara Ehrenreich, American author/ethicist.
  12. Beth Nielsen Chapman, American singer-songwriter.
  13. Betsey Johnson, American fashion designer.
  14. Betsy Rawls, American Hall of Fame professional golfer
  15. Betty Ford
  16. Betty Rollin, American author, retired TV correspondent
  17. Brigitte Bardot, French actress and animal rights activist
  18. Caitlin Flanagan, American magazine writer, editor and book author
  19. Carly Fiorina, American entrepreneur and 2010 California Republican political candidate for the United States Senate
  20. Carly Simon, American singer
  21. Catherine Drew Gilpin Faust, American academic, historian, and current (as of 2009) President of Harvard University
  22. Cheryl Crane, American writer and real-estate broker; daughter of actress Lana Turner; acquitted of killing Johnny Stompanato
  23. Christina Applegate, American television actress
  24. Claire Shulman, former Borough President of Queens, New York City
  25. Cokie Roberts, American journalist
  26. Cynthia Nixon, American stage, film and television actress
  27. Dame Eileen Atkins, British stage and film actress
  28. Dame Jennifer Murray, aka Jenni Murray, British journalist and broadcaster Dame Maggie Smith, Oscar-winning British actress of stage and screen
  29. Dawn Upshaw, American opera singer.
  30. Deanna Favre, founded The Deanna Favre Hope Foundation and wife of American football quarterback Brett Favre
  31. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, American politician; United States House Representative from the 20th District of Florida and chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee
  32. Debra Shipley, British politician; Labour Party member of Parliament
  33. Diahann Carroll, African-American actress, singer.
  34. Diana Dill, British-American actress; ex-wife of American actor Kirk Douglas; mother of American actor Michael Douglas
  35. Diana Moran, British model, fitness expert and journalist.
  36. Dorothy Hamill, American Olympic champion figure skater
  37. Edie Falco, American film, stage and television actress
  38. Edna Campbell, African-American professional basketball star.
  39. Edward Brooke, African-American former U.S. Senator
  40. Elaine Paige, English musical theater actress, singer
  41. Ernie Green, African-American former professional (Cleveland Browns) football player; one of his sisters died from the disease
  42. George Lucas, Film director, screenwriter
  43. Geralyn Lucas, American journalist, television producer, and writer
  44. Giuliana Rancic, Italian-American television personality and infotainer
  45. Gloria Steinem, American feminist activist
  46. Hala Moddelmog, American president and CEO of Susan G. Komen for the Cure
  47. Heidi Heitkamp, North Dakota politician and lawyer
  48. Hoda Kotb, Egyptian-American television news anchor, journalist and correspondent
  49. Jaclyn Smith, American actress, businesswoman
  50. Jami Bernard, American author and film critic for the New York Daily News
  51. Jane Hamsher, American film producer, author and liberal blogger
  52. Janet Napolitano, American politician and current (as of 2010) United States Secretary of Homeland Security; former Governor of Arizona
  53. Jennifer Saunders
  54. Jill Eikenberry, American actress
  55. Joan Kennedy, former wife of U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy
  56. Jocelyn Newman, former Senator from the Australian Parliament for Tasmania; treated successfully
  57. Jools Topp, New Zealand folk singer, one of the Topp Twins
  58. Joyce Wadler, American journalist, writer and memoirist
  59. Judy Eason McIntyre, African-American politician; Oklahoma State Senator
  60. Judy Rankin, American Hall of Fame professional golfer
  61. Julie Harris, American film, stage and television actress
  62. Karin Stanford, African-American professor and writer
  63. Kate Jackson, American film and television actress
  64. Kaye Ballard, American actress and singer
  65. Kim Novak, American film actress
  66. Kitten Natividad, Mexican adult film actress and model
  67. Koo Stark, American former adult film actress
  68. Kylie Minogue, Australian singer, actress
  69. Laura Ingraham, American radio host/pundit
  70. Linda Ellerbee, American television correspondent/journalist .
  71. Linda Nolan, Irish-born singer, actress and former member of the 1970s pop band, The Nolans .
  72. Linda Tripp, former United States government federal employee who played a significant role in the impeachment proceedings against then President Bill Clinton
  73. Linda Waterfall, American singer-songwriter (se
  74. Lisa Ray
  75. Liza Goddard, British actress
  76. Liza Wang, Hong Kong television actress and personality, singer and diva.
  77. Lois Chiles, American actress
  78. Lynn Redgrave
  79. Lynne Stewart, American lawyer/activist
  80. M. Jodi Rell, American politician, Governor of Connecticut (see[107]).
  81. Maeve Kinkead, American soap opera and television actress.[citation needed]
  82. Margaretta Fitler Murphy Rockefeller aka Happy Rockefeller, American socialite and wife of former N.Y. Governor and U.S. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller
  83. Maria Friedman, British actress
  84. Marianne Faithfull, British singer and actress
  85. Marilyn Lloyd, member of the U.S. House of Representatives who was diagnosed with breast cancer, was denied a silicone breast implant following her treatment because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had removed them from the market, and became an advocate for legislation related to breast cancer treatment and women's health.
  86. Marisa Acocella Marchetto, American writer, cartoonist and memoirist.
  87. Marsha Hunt, African-American singer, novelist, breast cancer activist and mother of Mick Jagger's first child, Karis Jagger
  88. Mary Ann Mobley, American actress, singer, and activist; Miss America 1959.
  89. Mary Jo Codey, former First Lady of New Jersey
  90. Maura Tierney, American film and television actress
  91. Melanie Johnson, former British Member of Parliament.
  92. Melissa Etheridge, American singer; lesbian activist
  93. Meredith Baxter, American television actress
  94. Namrata Singh Gujral, Indian actress/producer
  95. Nanci Griffith, American singer/songwriter
  96. Nancy Brinker, American founder of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure
  97. Nancy Priddy, mother of American actress Christina Applegate
  98. Nancy Reagan, former U.S. First Lady
  99. Nancy Shevell (aka Lady McCartney), American businesswoman and heiress; New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority board member
  100. Olivia Newton-John, UK/Australian singer/actress
  101. Pat Battle, African-American news reporter and anchor for NBC News
  102. Pat Danner, American politician; former Democratic U.S. House Representative from Missouri
  103. Peggy Fleming, American figure skater
  104. Peggy Lautenschlager, American politician from the state of Wisconsin.
  105. Phyllis Newman, American television and musical theatre actress, singer.
  106. Raelene Boyle, Australian athlete also surviving ovarian cancer).
  107. Rhona Brankin, British politician, Member of the Scottish Parliament
  108. Richard Roundtree, African-American film actor
  109. Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai, Hong Kong politician and Honorary President of the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation
  110. Robin Carnahan, American politician, former Missouri Secretary of State.
  111. Robin Roberts, African-American women's basketball player, ESPN sportscaster
  112. Ruby Dee, African-American stage and film actress
  113. Rue McClanahan
  114. Ruth Ann Swenson, American soprano opera star
  115. Sandra Day O'Connor, first woman United States Supreme Court justice.
  116. Sheila Hancock, British stage and film actress
  117. Shelley Morrison, American film and television actress; also battled lung cancer.
  118. Sheryl Crow
  119. Shirley Temple Black, American Oscar-winning child actress and former United States Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia, who is said to have been (in 1973) the first famous person to publicly announce her breast cancer diagnosis Sue Myrick, American politician, Republican U.S. House Representative from North Carolina.
  120. Stephanie Swift, American adult film actress
  121. Susan Duncan, Australian author
  122. Susan Kadis, Canadian politician in the Canadian House of Commons .
  123. Suzanne Somers, American television actress and personality
  124. Tucker L. Melancon, United States District Judge, Western District of Louisiana, 5th Circuit since 1994 .
  125. Vera Katz, American politician (first woman Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives; 45th mayor of Portland, Oregon.
  126. Wanda Sykes, American writer, actress, talk show host, and stand-up comedian.
  127. Wendy Mesley, Canadian host and reporter for CBC Television.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I have collected through my research and my experiences some extremely useful techniques and methods to prevent breast cancer. I have compiled this in the form of a nice e-book called "101 ways to prevent breast cancer".

Raw onions - beneficial for preventing breast cancer . Find out how

To download this e-book, all you have to do is type in your email address at this link.

Download free e-book on 101 ways to prevent breast cancer

BRCA positive : blessed or cursed? 

A very good article / post in one of the blogs that I found, which was very inspiring. Have a look at that. Now what is BRCA positive? .

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Many of the patients are unaware about the main cause of any type of cancer, breast cancer , for example. The breast cancer is one type of cancer that causes to almost one in eight women across the world. This is the known fact. 

How many of us who have relatives in our family have experienced the breast cancer or any type of cancer? The main cause is unknown to any of the doctors and the patients. But still the patients suffer from the side effects of treatment of breast cancer like chemotherapy and radiation. When something unusual is found in the breasts, we directly go to the doctor. In a way it is right. But somewhere there is a need to know the fact about the main cause of breast cancer. Mainly, there is a feeling that there must have been poor diet or heavy fat intake which causes cancer. But there are many other factors that decide the cancer in the body. Mainly the toxins in the body.

Now, what are these toxins? What is their role? What chemicals are toxic in nature? How cancer causes due to toxins in body. 

We unknowingly get exposed to thousands of chemicals everyday through the household cleaning products, mobile phones, cell phones, cosmetics, etc that contain lots of toxic materials which are harmful to the body and that trigger the higher chances of getting cancer, diabetes etc. 

Dr. Deepak Chopra says, "using products with petrochemicals causes inflammation in the body. This type of inflammation is what causes many types of cancer."

What chemicals are toxic ?

The list of the toxic and hazardous household chemicals are : 

  1. Air Fresheners
  2. Ammonia
  3. Dishwasher detergents
  4. Furniture polish
  5. Drain clener
  6. Oven cleaner
  7. Toilet bowl cleaner
  8. Laundry room products
  9. Silica powder found in abrasive cleaning powders mainly causes cancer.
How to identify that the products are hazardous?

Whenever you buy a product, carefully read the label that contains the instructions about the use, storage and disposal. The words, "caution", "danger" and "warning" are the three words that describe the hazardous of the product.  Caution and Warning means  "least toxic" and Danger means "More toxic".

 Which chemicals are linked to breast cancer? 

The most acutely dangerous cleaning products are corrosive drain cleaners, oven cleaners, and acidic toilet bowl cleaners, according to Philip Dickey of the Washington Toxics Coalition. 

How to avoid them? 

  1. Avoid plastic bottled water. Instead use water filters that removes most of the impurities. 
  2. Wash the dishes with the gloves in hand . It can cause damage to the skin even. 
  3. Read carefully while buying these products by looking at the label at the backside of any product or cleaner. It may be stated as caution or danger or poison. Depending upon the more toxic, least toxic, and moderately toxic features, the product has to be bought. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Herbal tea- everyone has heard about it. Today many use it for reducing fats from their bodies. Many know that it helps in especially for their stimulant, relaxant or sedative properties. Herbal tea or ptisan is a plant infusion , made from the leaves of tea bush. They are prepared by combining hot water , fruits, leaves , roots or grains. 

Scientists at Aston University discovered the fact that an extract from a common plant in Pakistan may help to cure breast cancer. The name of the plant is  Fagonia cretica. This is commonly used in herbal tea. The proved fact is that it kills cancer cells without damaging the normal breast cells.

Now you can treat any type of cancer at home without any doctor. Many doctors or oncologists are experts in giving chemotherapy , radiation and surgery, as these are the only treatments that are taught in medical colleges, but many of us don't know how to cure it our self without chemotherapy and radiation. These treatments are like devils that act mostly on the patients mind and soul by affecting their physique, lowering the WBC count , no hair , losing financial and mental way. There is a way out of this to get cured without any doctor. 

Dr Morton Walker suggests the simple way to keep yourself cancer free without any harmful treatments like chemotherapy and radiation or surgery for that matter. 


Today cell phones became a necessity all told ages. Some use it properly whereas some simply use them for swank or for impress others. the most intention of mobile phone is to be obtainable for the callers after you area unit off from home or workplace.

Cell phones cause mayhem within the soft tissues of the breasts if unbroken within the brassiere. Thus take away it and ne'er keep your cell phones close to breasts. Some offices have strictly created rules that there ought to be no use of cell phones as unwanted distraction could cause unproductive work. Hence, most ladies once they need to use cell phones , they merely hide within their brassiere and go the personal rooms and use. This successively could cause carcinoma, many ladies do not know.

What will this mobile phone have which might cause carcinoma or different dangerous diseases?

Cell phones or mobile phones have tiny microwave radios that area unit harmful for young girls. they ought to not be unbroken close to the body. Most people do not have any plan before mistreatment the mobiles. The radiation that cell phones emit sweeps directly into the breast tissues.

If you want to know more just watch this video. Cell phones causes cancer

Facts About Cell Phone Radiation

Monday, July 16, 2012

Jenny Jones, an Australian woman, who was diagnosed breast cancer, consumed breast-milk daily 400ml dose from an anonymous donor. She believes that it is a life-saver and should be consumed by all cancer patients. She was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, i.e bone marrow cancer. 

Breast milk is believed to help build immunity in new born babies. It is such a nutritional source that cannot be replaced by any other food.

Jenny Jones, 62 year old stated that , her cancer levels were "dramatic" when she was diagnosed, but after daily intake of breast milk, she states that now the cancer levels have reduced significantly.

Breast milk contains a substance , HAMLET, (Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made LEthal to Tumour cells), can kill cancer cells. This was proved and researched by Lund University and University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

HAMLET consists a protein and fatty acid that are found in the breast milk. Till now it has not been found that HAMLET is formed in the breast milk . Experiments suggests that HAMLET kills 40 types of cancers.

Sources :


Tips to reduce breast cancer.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Soy beans are said to be useful in breast cancer prevention , latest news suggests. According to the published online in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, say that women whose daily diet includes even small amount of soy, are actually preventing the breast cancer recurrence. Even if 10mg of soy isoflavones is consumed then they are reducing the recurrence of breast cancer in their lifetime to 25%. That means they are lowering the risk of recurrence of breast cancer.

 The higher the soy isoflavone intake, the stronger the protective effect. Women who consumed the most – versus least – isoflavones each day were 36% less likely to have their breast cancer recur over the course of the study.

Soy may protect from breast cancer in a few ways. Isoflavones, being weak estrogens, can bind to estrogen receptors on breast cells, preventing normal estrogens from doing so. In this way, isoflavones may minimize the effect of estrogen on breast-cancer risk.

The new study included an analysis of 9,514 breast cancer survivors in the U.S. and China. Earlier it was predicted that the daily intake of soybeans was harmful if  a woman is Estrogen receptor positive. But the recent study states that , despite of location or country, the soybeans showed good results and reduced the reoccurence of breast cancer.


 Estrogen is a hormone that is found in women which fuels the breast cancer. There may be some confusion in the minds of people, whether the intake of soy is good or bad for the breast cancer ? Now this can be stated in such a manner that many women who have taken soy have reduced the risk of breast cancer upto 25%. Findings say that in the lab, phytoestrogens can stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells. But in human studies, scientists have not found that diets high in soy increase breast cancer risk. In fact, most have found the reverse.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states after multi year research that women who ate the most soy had lower rates of cancer recurrence and mortality.

Despite concerns about its phytoestrogen content, eating soy has not been shown to promote breast cancer. 


Friday, July 13, 2012

Women are scared about the upcoming breast cancer. They always are in some search for articles and news about breast cancer. They have some questions in their mind going on like, "what are the major risks of getting breast cancer?, "will I loose my physique and look of beautiful breasts?, "will I be liked and loved by my near and dear ones when they come to know about breast cancer?", etc.

The breast cancer is a type of disease that occurs one in every 8 women worldwide. They either have to undergo mastectomy or lumpectomy depending upon the size of the breast tumor and depending upon the malignancy of the tumor.

There is a latest news that states that one in five women who undergo breast - conserving surgery for cancer instead of mastectomy , require to undergo a second surgery within 3 months. The survival rates for breast-conserving surgery combined with radiation and for mastectomy are about the same, but the need for a second operation can introduce extra anxiety for the patient, as well as additional cost. The need for a re operation was most common for women with ductal carcinoma in situ, a form of cancer whose edges are very difficult to define for removal of the tumor.

Rates in the United States might actually be higher. A study of four large U.S. hospitals reported in February in the Journal of the American Medical Assn. reported that 23% of the patients receiving breast-conserving surgery underwent a re operation.

We all know we need to perform self-breast exams regularly -- but when and how often? Do this self exam most often as to avoid breast cancer from attacking you.

Tips for preventing breast cancer naturally.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Women under 40 who use estrogen to ease menopause symptoms after having their ovaries removed do not have an increased risk of breast cancer, according to a new study. 

"Their findings do provide reassurance for the safety of taking estrogen if a woman has had her ovaries out," said Dr. Rowan Chlebowski, a medical oncologist at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute, who was not involved in the research. For women over 45, however, the hormone therapy is linked with a 20- to 26-percent jump in breast cancer risk.

"When you're in your mid-40s, you want to be more careful about the use of estrogen therapy," said Dr. Kala Visvanathan, one of the researchers on the study.

Ovary removal, also called oophorectomy, is thought to decrease the risk of breast and ovarian cancer for some women. In certain cases, women at a high risk of cancer will get the surgery for prevention, while others will have it for reasons unrelated to cancer.

In younger women who have not experienced menopause, having the ovaries removed sends them into an abrupt menopause and can result in severe symptoms, such as hot flashes. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) remains the most effective treatment for menopause symptoms.

But millions of women stopped using it after a large U.S. government study in 2002 found women taking estrogen and progestin, another hormone, had increased risks of heart attack, stroke and breast cancer.
Another part of the study that ended in 2004 found that women who had their uterus removed and who were taking estrogen alone also had an increased risk of stroke. There's been considerable discussion since then to calculate the risks and benefits of using hormone therapy to treat menopausal symptoms.

Visvanathan and her colleagues wanted to see whether estrogen therapy to relieve these symptoms would negate the benefits of having the ovaries removed. The idea is that removing the ovaries, and the estrogen produced by them, is responsible for the reduction in breast cancer risk.
"So the question is, if you elect to use estrogen therapy, will you have an increased breast cancer risk?" said Hazel Nichols, a researcher at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, who also worked on the study.

The researchers collected survey information from more than 22,000 women. Nearly half had been diagnosed with breast cancer, while the rest of the women hadn't.

Overall, current estrogen users who had had both ovaries and their uterus removed had a 14-percent increase in breast cancer risk compared with women who experienced natural menopause and never used hormones.

Women who had the surgery done before age 40, however, had a smaller chance of getting breast cancer, whether or not they took estrogen, the researchers report in the medical journal Obstetrics and Gynecology.
The risk was 24 percent lower among those on the hormone, for example, than among women who had never had the surgery and hadn't used estrogen.

Chlebowski stated that the results apply only to women who had their ovaries and uterus removed; women who keep their uterus would take estrogen and progesterone, which might give different results.
About one in eight American women develop breast cancer at some point in her life, although the majority survive, according to the American Cancer Society.

A 24 percent reduction in that number would mean 94 out of every 100,000 women would get the cancer. Women who had the surgery before 40 but who never used hormone therapy had an even greater drop in the risk of breast cancer - 30 percent.

"Part of the benefit of (the surgery) is probably being lost when a woman is using estrogen," said Dr. Graham Colditz, a professor at Washington University in St. Louis, who did not participate in the new research.
The gains from the surgery are only slightly diminished by hormone therapy, but Colditz said there is still a need for caution when using estrogen to treat menopause symptoms. The researchers found that the risk of breast cancer increased the older the women were at the time of surgery.
Nichols and her colleagues found that for women who had their ovaries and uterus removed after 50, taking estrogen was tied to a 26 percent increase in breast cancer risk. Nichols said there's a need for more research to help doctors best determine the risks and benefits of hormone therapy for each woman.
"I think what we've learned is that hormones shouldn't be prescribed to prevent chronic disease among healthy women, but there may be a role for them in treating severe symptoms (of menopause), and what we need to do now is to best understand what the safest way to do that is," she told Reuters Health.


Breast Cancer related videos:

A blood test called the CellSearch test to predict breast cancer

Surely if there was a blood test to determine whether or not a woman had breast cancer many women could add years to their lives and in some cases their lives may be saved. But women who want to know if they have cancer shouldn’t fret any longer, because help is on the way and now there’s a blood test called the CellSearch test to predict breast cancer.

“It is currently available for metastatic breast cancer, but not for non-metastatic except in a research study setting,” said Dr. Anthony Lucci, professor of surgical oncology at the University of Texas. The findings entitled “Circulating tumor cells in non-metastatic breast cancer: a prospective study” was published in June’s issue of Lancet Oncology.

Their previous research explored circulating tumor cells in the blood of patients who had metastatic breast cancer or breast cancer that has spread. The cells are shed by tumors and are thought to cause cancer if they latch on to another area of the body. Further analysis revealed the presence of the cells predicted disease progression and the patient’s overall survival rate. “It is a good thing to be able to predict disease progression but we need to know which drugs can kill these cells and improve outcome before we start treating every patient who has circulating tumor cells, Lucci said. “Other factors like lymph node status and tumor size also predict outcome, but there’s no other blood tests that do.

15% of patients who tested positive for the cells had relapsing breast cancer, while 10% died during the four-year-study period.

Another study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found fetal exposure to BPA, a plastic additive found in some food pack-aging was dangerous. Monkeys exposed as fetuses to BPA – bis phenol A – appeared to have an increased risk of breast cancer. Primates are more similar to humans reinforces the notion that BPA could contribute to breast cancer in women.

In an article , by Catherine Nodurft, stated in "Blood Test ‘Could Detect Breast Cancer Years in Advance,  clearly states that the blood test could help the doctors to identify the occurrence of breast cancer much earlier, so that it can be prevented before.

Veridex's CellSearch CTC test for breast cancer receives Chinese approval:

In the latest news, it has been stated in one of the daily news that the blood test called "cell search" gets the approval from China.   


ICH4 test : This is also a type of blood test which is done for checking whether the breast cancer tumor will reappear in the patients' life in future. More information here:

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According to a new study presented at the 2012 American Society of Breast Surgeons, Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI), also known as BSGI, is equivalent to MRI in detecting breast cancer. Although both MBI/BSGI and MRI are capable of detecting cancers missed by mammography and ultrasound, the MBI/BSGI procedure can be conducted for about 1/3 the cost of an MRI examination.

In this study of 276 patients at George Washington University Hospital, the MBI/BSGI procedure was conducted with the Dilon 6800® Gamma Camera. The number of patients who underwent a MBI/BSGI procedure was twice those of MRI and the authors concluded that there was no statistically significant difference between the sensitivity or specificity of the two modalities.

According to one of the authors, Dr. Christine Teal from the Department of Surgery at George Washington University Hospital, "MBI/BSGI continuously proves to be a very important diagnostic tool in our facility by providing outstanding results in detecting additional cancers. MBI clearly indicated a change in patient management for a greater number of patients than did MRI".

MRI cannot be performed on patients with metal or electronic implants, or those with claustrophobia. In addition, MRI utilizes a contrast agent that has been reported to cause adverse reactions in a very small number of patients, especially those with insufficient kidney function. Such patients have no difficulty having a MBI/BSGI exam.

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