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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Herbal tea- everyone has heard about it. Today many use it for reducing fats from their bodies. Many know that it helps in especially for their stimulant, relaxant or sedative properties. Herbal tea or ptisan is a plant infusion , made from the leaves of tea bush. They are prepared by combining hot water , fruits, leaves , roots or grains. 

Scientists at Aston University discovered the fact that an extract from a common plant in Pakistan may help to cure breast cancer. The name of the plant is  Fagonia cretica. This is commonly used in herbal tea. The proved fact is that it kills cancer cells without damaging the normal breast cells.

Now you can treat any type of cancer at home without any doctor. Many doctors or oncologists are experts in giving chemotherapy , radiation and surgery, as these are the only treatments that are taught in medical colleges, but many of us don't know how to cure it our self without chemotherapy and radiation. These treatments are like devils that act mostly on the patients mind and soul by affecting their physique, lowering the WBC count , no hair , losing financial and mental way. There is a way out of this to get cured without any doctor. 

Dr Morton Walker suggests the simple way to keep yourself cancer free without any harmful treatments like chemotherapy and radiation or surgery for that matter. 


Today cell phones became a necessity all told ages. Some use it properly whereas some simply use them for swank or for impress others. the most intention of mobile phone is to be obtainable for the callers after you area unit off from home or workplace.

Cell phones cause mayhem within the soft tissues of the breasts if unbroken within the brassiere. Thus take away it and ne'er keep your cell phones close to breasts. Some offices have strictly created rules that there ought to be no use of cell phones as unwanted distraction could cause unproductive work. Hence, most ladies once they need to use cell phones , they merely hide within their brassiere and go the personal rooms and use. This successively could cause carcinoma, many ladies do not know.

What will this mobile phone have which might cause carcinoma or different dangerous diseases?

Cell phones or mobile phones have tiny microwave radios that area unit harmful for young girls. they ought to not be unbroken close to the body. Most people do not have any plan before mistreatment the mobiles. The radiation that cell phones emit sweeps directly into the breast tissues.

If you want to know more just watch this video. Cell phones causes cancer

Facts About Cell Phone Radiation